• 1 Year of Romantic Activites to impress your lover! Take turns pleasing your lover with a new and exciting weekly activity. It's sure to bring out your romantic side.

  • 1 Year of Romantic Activites to Spice up your Relationship! Take turns pleasing your lover with a new and exciting weekly activity. Take your romance to the next level.

52 Weeks of Love and Romance…

A romantic service offering FRESH IDEAS for couples wanting to SPICE UP THEIR RELATIONSHIP, by providing weekly ROMANTIC ACTIVITIES to experience with their partner! The weekly activities range from a small ROMANTIC GESTURES to fun DATE NIGHT IDEAS that you maybe haven’t tried yet. Here are two great examples of our monthly activities.

We challenge you and your partner to be more ROMANTIC for One Month! This is a romantic challenge for couples to see how romantic they can be with adding romantic activities to their daily lives. We hope this challenge brings out your romantic side! Did we mention, IT’S FREE!
Romantic Activities

52 Weeks of Romance

The ways to spice up a relationship are endless, and there are many things you can do to make your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife) stay in love, stay passionate, and stay engaged in the relationship that you have built together. First, let’s look at a few of these hints...
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Spice Up a Relationship

Ways to Spice Up a Relationship

Even if you married for love, you soon found out that marriage is about much more than love. It’s also about bills, housework, kids and careers. It’s easy to let the romance slide in the buzz of everyday responsibilities. Let’s face it: we are all a bit stressed, and it’s hard to keep up with everything in our lives.
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Romance Challenge

The Romance Challenge

Each week for 1 Month, 52 Weeks of Love and Romance will email one member of the relationship a romantic activity to complete for their significant other. These romantic activities include everything from romantic dates to ideas to spice up the relationship.
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